H. M. Crosby Catboat

Catboat ModelThese two models are of an H.Manley Crosby designed catboat, built in 1896. This design represents one of the first catboats built specifically for racing. The length was three times the beam (width), which went against the traditional building practice of the beam being 1/2 of the length. This design made for a much faster boat than the traditional designs, which were made primarily as fishing platforms. These boats are 21 inches long, and were made as a limited edition signed and numbered series. I have 4 of these boats available for purchase. No. 7 of 10...sienna cabin, no sail. No. 8 of 10...grey cabin, no sail. No. 9 of 10...tan cabin, no sail. No. 10 of 10...white cabin, no sail. All have brown sheer stripe. Sail can be added if desired. Price...$400.00. Shipping...$20.00. Send check or money order to address on main page.

Catboat model

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