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Models and Half hulls can be made in a variety of scales including,
1/4 inch = 1 foot, 3/8 inch = 1 foot, 1/2 inch = 1 foot, 3/4 inch = 1 foot,
to 1 inch = 1 foot. For example, a 1/2 inch scale model of a 30 foot boat
would be 15 inches long. Each model includes a wooden display base
and a brass plaque with the owners name and the boat name and make.

Models are constructed using lines drawings and photos of the
boat to be replicated to insure accuracy.
If you don't own a boat, but would like a model of your "dream" boat
let me know what you want and I can do the research, and find plans
or pictures to work from.

Half hulls can be made as a basic, traditional half hull, ie. hull only, or
as a fully detailed half hull, with all the details of a full display model.

Half Hull Pricing

Half hull pricing runs as follows for basic, painted, hull only half hulls.
Includes mounting on a Spanish Cedar, or Mahogany backboard and brass plaque.
Add $50.00 for a teak backboard.

Under 10 inches..(e-mail for pricing)
10 to 14 1/2 inches long...$450.00
14 1/2 to 19 1/2 inches long...$500.00
19 1/2 to 24 1/2 inches long...$550.00
24 1/2 to 29 1/2 inches long...$600.00
29 1/2 to 34 1/2 inches long...$650.00
34 1/2 to 40 1/2 inches long...$700.00
Over 40 inches in length, call or e-mail for quote.
Fully Detailed Half Models...Contact for price quote.

Full Display Model Pricing

Cost for full hull display model is based on actual hull length of model.
Contact me for pricing for a full display model of a particular boat.


If you would like for me to submit a bid on an architectural model, bird
house, or doll house, I must have photos of the structure that is
to be replicated. The ideal photos, would show each of the corners,
so that two sides are visible at once, which would be 4 pictures
(in most cases), and a shot straight on from each side, for
a total of 8 pictures. Make sure the roof lines are visible in the photos.
Once I receive the photos, or other information concerning your
project, I will submit a bid to you, on what it will cost, and how
long it will take, to complete the piece. The cost of a project is determined
by the amount of time, and detail involved in the construction.

If it is not possible to obtain those pictures, try to send as many
pictures as possible, and a description of the sides or aspects which
are not visible in the photos, such as window and door placement, if
any, style of windows, or doors, and any other details which may
be required to complete the model. A rough sketch will work, if you
want to include it with the photos. I have built models working from
one photo, but the above details are required to do so. If the pictures
are in black and white, a short description of the colors of the structure,
or paint chips, will be needed for painting. Also specify as to whether
you want the cedar shingles painted, or left natural.


If you find the bid acceptable, I require a 50% deposit, to reserve a place
for your project in my work schedule. The balance and shipping is
due upon completion of the model.
I will send you a receipt when I receive the deposit and give
you an estimated completion time for the project.
For the deposit, I can accept Pay Pal, personal checks, or money orders.

Send mail inquiries, pictures or other items for a project to this address:
Tom L Thomas
Spotwood Studio / Nautic-Art
PO Box 544
Kearney, MO 64060

Call to discuss a project 816-686-3504
or E-Mail me at TLThomas@Spotwoodstudio.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

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