"Sunday Music"
1969 Cheoy Lee 31 Offshore Ketch

This model was commissioned by Ann H. Holmes, of Houston, TX
as a reminder of the original boat which she had just sold after 24
years of ownership. The model is 1/2 scale, 15 1/2 inches long. All
wood on the model is teak. Deck was laid with individual boards, as
well as the cockpit seats and the lattice on the cockpit floor. As Ann
recently retired as the Arts Critic for the Houston Chronicle newspaper,
I was quite honored that she selected me for the project. Below is
a professional critique she wrote of the model.

Critique: "Tom L. Thomas' boat models are impressive in their overall
craftsmanship. But far beyond that, they reveal an artist's eye
and instinct, for perfection-plus-style. Tom's attention to minute details
comes as a surprise, and what I found when I unwrapped my
shipping box was a delightful, startlingly real re-creation, and
best of all, a little work of art."

Ann H. Holmes Retired Art Critic / Houston Chronicle
Previous owner, "Sunday Music"

Ssunday Music Model

Ssunday Music Model

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